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12th Marathon Deutsche Weinstraße (German Wine Road) 2020

Marathon Deutsche Weinstraße

Planning & Organisation:

County of Bad Dürkheim

Race organisation:

TSV Bockenheim | TSG Grünstadt

Race date:

Sunday, 5th April 2020

Start and finish:

Haus der Deutschen Weinstraße, Bockenheim


10.00 am Marathon, Duo-Marathon & Half Marathon

Finish closing time:

1.00 pm Half Marathon | 3.30 pm Marathon & Duo-/Marathon

Dear sport friends and visitors of our website,

the German-wine-road-marathon „Marathon Deutsche Weinstraße“, in the palatine region, is one of the most scenic road races in Germany.

The race starts at the small wine village of Bockenheim , where the „Deutsche Weinstraße“  begins. The course then runs along the vineyards of the „Leiningerland “ district, into the district of Freinsheim , through beautiful and romantic wine villages leading to the halfway- and turning-point at the giant wine barrel in the spa town of Bad Dürkheim.

Competitors and spectators alike can experience and enjoy the feeling of the Mediterranean springtime of the Palatine region. Take the chance to combine the race with a short holiday in the region of the “German Weinstraße”.

We are looking forward to your visit!