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So please check your data to avoid any organisational or financial overhead. Attention: Registrations by Phone/E-Mail can't be accepted.

Entry fees



Half Marathon

Registration before 31.10.2019

44 EUR

66 EUR

32 EUR

Registration before 31.12.2019

49 EUR

76 EUR

37 EUR

Registration before 08.03.2020

54 EUR

86 EUR

42 EUR

Late registration (only 04.04.2020)

59 EUR

96 EUR

47 EUR

We draw the registration fees as SDD for the last business day of each month with your personal reference and mandate of our Creditor Identifier: DE92ZZZ00000017131. The due date is the 5th (or the next following bank working day) of the month following the registration.

Alternatively, in the online registration process a payment can be made with PayPal.

Any charges incurred by chargeback (incorrect account information, etc.) will be charged plus a handling fee of 8 EUR. The total amount is then set to the last business day of the month following the chargeback invoice.

Entry fees  – for whatever reasons – cannot be reclaimed or reimbursed if an athlete defaults.

Registration Confirmation
After online registration you'll receive a confirmation email. No further registration confirmation will be sent. Please check your registration data using the online list of participants – enrolment could take a few days! The participants are responsible for the correctness of the data.

Registration closure
08.03.2020 (or earlier if the participation limit is reached)

Entry limits
Marathon: 1.300 racers | Duo-Marathon: 350 teams | Halbmarathon: 1.500 racers

Notification of change of address For a change of registration – to another person – you have to pay 8 EUR as a fee. To change your address, please send us an email Late entries are only possible if the entry limits have not been reached.

Timing for all races is carried out with a disposable transponder (attached to the back of start number) you will receive with the start documents. The following intermediate times are taken:

  • Marathon: half-distance
  • Duo-Marathon: kilometer 20, at change point
  • Halbmarathon: kilometer 10

Participation regulations
The race will be carried out under the guidelines of the German Athletics Association (DLV) based on the IAAF regulations. All athletes born in or after 2002 (Marathon) and 2004 (Duo-Marathon/Half Marathon) are permitted to start. The use of aids or other sports equipment is not permitted. The organizers stress that the participation regulations must be observed and will be adhered to.