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Terms & Conditions

Storage, use, publication and distribution of event-related subscriber data
(1) By registering to participate in "Marathon Deutsche Weinstraße", the participant consents to the storage and use of personal data (name, first name, date of birth, nationality, home address, club, e-mail address, telephone number) by the organizer for payment processing, including organization of medical care and management of the event (§ § 4 a, 28 Federal Data Protection Act).

(2) The results of the running the event (name, first name, birth year, club, start number, time, place) can be saved by the organizer and summarized in results lists. The participant agrees to the publication of these data by the organizer in all relevant media (print products such as program notes, results, result-CD and internet).

(3) Photographs and films that are created in connection to the event can be passed by the organizers to a commercial photo service. The participant consents to the publication and distribution of such photos, videos and interviews on radio, television, internet, print media, books, photo copies (films, video tapes etc.) without compensation.

(4) The organizer may pass data (acc. subparagraph 2) to the "German Athletics Promotions and Project GmbH (DLP)" for the operation of their internet service on behalf of the German Athletics Association e.V.

Underage participants (acc. subparagraph 1-4) have to present consent of their legal representative.

Timing and Information
(1) The timing for all the runs is carried out with a single transponder.
(2) The correct use of data will be verified. Start number cannot be handed onto a further participant or individuals. The start number may not be altered in any way shape or form, the printed advertising slogans must remain visible, any alterations to the start number will lead to disqualification. The use of aids or other sports equipment is not permitted. Participants may not be accompanied by individuals on bikes, rollerblades or other transport means.    

(1) Nor the organisers, sponsors, race officials and or aids will accept any liability for damages which may occur to the participant at any time during the event. This includes any injuries or loss of clothing or other belongings.In particular the organisers will not accept any liability in respect to health problems or injuries sustained during the race. Participants are entirely responsible for their health and it is the participants own decision if medical check is required prior to the event. For your assistance we have created a medical check questionnaire on our web site.

(2) Compensation claims against the organisers will not be accepted due to forced changes to the program or even the cancelaton of the event due to unforeseen acts of God or safety instructions from the authorities, the organisers cannot be held responsible in such a case and reimbursement of registration fees is not possible.