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Valuation & Prizes

Awards and prize giving ceremony
Each runner who finishes the Marathon or Half Marathon will receive a Finisher-Medal. Online-Certificates and result-lists can be printed out right after the event. The prize giving ceremony for the women and men’s categories (places 1-3 and special categories) will take place at around 1.00 pm for the Half Marathon and at about 3.30 pm for Marathon and Duo-Marathon on the stage in the festival tent.

All age category winners (places 1-3) receive “wine prizes“. Racers (Half Marathon starting at 2.00 pm and Marathon/Duo-Marathon racers starting at 4.00 pm) get their presents – by showing their starting number – at our i-Point at the festival tent entrance.

Please be aware that it's not possible to send prizes by post.

Winner of women and men’s categories (Marathon, Duo-Marathon and Half Marathon) and Mixed-Teams (Duo-Marathon) receive following prize money:

Prize Money

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


1500 EUR

1000 EUR

500 EUR

Duo-Marathon (Team):

500 EUR

250 EUR

150 EUR

Half Marathon:

500 EUR

250 EUR

150 EUR

Foreign winners get their prize money less taxes (income taxes and solidarity tax) in accordance to the regulations German income tax-law.

In case of improvement of the course record, an additional bonus of 250 EUR for Marathon and 100 EUR for Half Marathon will be paid.

Age Classification Marathon Duo- and Half Marathon

  • MJ U20, M, M30, M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, W80 and older.
  • WJ U20, W, W30, W35, W40, W45, W50, W55, W60, W65, W70, W75, W80 and older.

In a marathon and half marathon the individual classification is done separately for male and female classes according to the DLV rules according to the order of finish and thus according to the gross time. In addition to the gross time, the net time is announced. The scoring in the age groups is based on the net time. When Duo-Marathon (Valuation women, men and mixed) net gross is decisive for the awards ceremony.

There will be no valuation for teams.