Course & Height Profile


Marathon / Duo-Marathon

Half Marathon

Track length:

42,2 km

21,1 km


495 m

240 m

The trails are officially measured. Upgrading from Marathon to Half Marathon during the event is only possible at kilometer 8,7. The organization fee to the originally reported distance is not refundable. The change point for Duo-Marathon at kilometer 20 takes place at refreshment point at town square in Bad Dürkheim .

Pre course inspection
A free course inspection trip can be made by bus on 4th April 2020. Each competitor will also receive a glass of local wine. The buses will be leaving from the "Haus der Deutschen Weinstraße" in Bockenheim (race start and finish area) at 2.00 pm, 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm.

Refreshments points
Refreshment points on the course are located every 5 km.  Locations can change because of logistic reasons. Additionally there are three locations for water refreshment (compare Running Course). Racers can also hand over their own individual drinks / refreshments which will be then transported to the required refreshment point. All drinks / refreshments must be marked with the runners start number and handed in at the info point (in the festival tent) on race day until 8.30 am.

Riesling wine sponges
An extraordinary refreshment service will be provided in Dackenheim and Kleinkarlbach. The so called “Riesling Wine Sponges“ will be handed out. A very special service consisting of a sponge soaked in cool refreshing palatine Riesling wine.